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Where did the idea for Blended come from?

The founders at Blended, like many others living chaotic lives in corporate America, were constantly running and not spending enough time focusing on their health. They researched diets and workouts to their wits end trying to find the perfect balance to life. Some say diet is the key, others default to exercise.  We at Blended believe that the holistic lifestyle is what promotes a truly healthy and fulfilling life, which is where our slogan came from: Live Life Blended.

What is a holistic lifestyle to Blended?

Blended promotes the holistic lifestyle, which focuses on finding a balance of the mind, body, and spirit, whatever that may mean to you. Blended was established to provide healthy alternatives while you are on the run. Just as it is important to exercise and take time personally either for religion, meditation, or other time for your mind and spirit, it is equally important to provide your body with rich vitamins and nutrients from natural foods. 

How does Blended provide healthy options?

We at Blended believe in providing fresh and natural foods and drinks. We provide carbohydrates through whole grains, protein through natural organic vegan protein powder and Greek yogurt, and a variety of vitamins and minerals through whole fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, and nut butters. Check out our menu to find your perfect Blended option so you can Live Life Blended.

A little more about us

We fully support our military and police force.  Coming from long lines of men and women who put their lives on the line, we would like to show our support with a discount for those who serve. Please show your ID or badge to our cashiers to receive our gratitude.  

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