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Welcome, Great Pumpkin!

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Bowl

'Tis the season...for pumpkin! Yes, we, like everyone else, love pumpkin everything. While PSLs define the start of fall in our northern town, you should know that eating pumpkin actually has a lot of health benefits! We know what you're thinking...pumpkin alone is bland - that's why we all typically load it down with sugar (bad...delicious but bad!).

Pumpkin is actually considered a superfood for how nutritious it is! It is packed full of vitamin A, fiber, potassium, antioxidants, and so many more things we can't pronounce! Eating pumpkin is not only good for our soul, getting that fall feeling with every ounce of pumpkin we ingest, but it is also actually good for the heart as well.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is great for eyesight, immune system, and reproduction. It also is linked to lowering levels of certain types of cancers, measles, and age-related macular degeneration (i.e. the loss of central vision as we age). Vitamin A comes in two forms: Preform, which we get from meats, and Provitamin, which comes from fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based products. While there are some negative effects from a high intake of Preform Vitamin A, the worst that can happen when ingesting too much Provitamin A is that skin can turn a yellowish-orange (i.e. you may look a little like an Oompa Loompa).

Did you know that scientists believe that free radicals contribute to the aging process as well as play a part in heart disease, cancer, and diabetes? Did you also know that anti-oxidants are thought to balance out free radicals? By our math, it sounds like pumpkin = young and healthy!

As always, Blended uses all natural ingredients with no refined sugars (like in your pumpkin pie...we don't judge) or artificial sweeteners. Only honey, maple syrup, or natural cane sugar are used in our products. Nothing but clean eating with your pumpkin at Blended! Stop by today to try a Pumpkin Spice Smoothie or our Pumpkin Spice Signature Blended Bowl!


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